The pvc extrution sheet grade is a material manufactured with plasticized polyvinyl chloride* and additives in order to improve or modify its basic features.

It comes in the form of strips and sheets of varying width and thickness

*Thickness from 1mm to 10mm

*Width from 50mm to 2800mm

(*)Polyvinyl chloride (pvc) is a synthetic material composed of hydrocarbon(from oil) and chloride(from salt).It is one of the most proven plastic materials.


The applications

●Building industry

●Doors and openings(high speed door ,swing doors and rapid roll door)for industrial buildings, warehouse, stores and loading docks

●For the cold chain: freezer and cold rooms, presentation displays, conveyors…

●Internal partitions, machine isolation, separation of work stations, partitioning of workshops and warehouses.

●Automobile industry

●Insulating curtain for refrigerated trucks, etc


General properties

●Flexible and soft


●Insulates against heat and sound

●Resists shocks and tearing

●Impermeable to gas and clamp



●Easy to use and maintain


Special properties

As PVC is compatible with numerous additives

Transflex can be endowed with special properties:

●Increased longevity(Anti-UV treatment)

●Resistance to cold (Up to -60℃)

●Anti-static (Anti-static quality)

●Resistance to fire(M2 fire retardant quality)

●Anti-insect (Tropical quality )


●Resistance to shocks and tearing(reinforced )

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