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Enterprise led the drafting of national standards for soft curtain products. We are the leader manufacture of PVC products in China, the main products are pvc strip curtain, pvc sheet, pvc film and other pvc products. We have standard pvc, polar pvc, anti-insect yellow pvc, anti-static pvc, welding grade pvc and welding screens.

Welcome To Xieren Group

Xierengroup was founded in 1987 and now occupies a production facility of 60,000 square meters with annual sales reaching 150 million RMB. Xierengroup is an integrated company with researching, manufacturing and marketing divisions. Xierengroup has independent import and export right and acts as a domestic distributor of chemical raw materials.
Xie will make unremitting efforts to create a harmonious environment for consumers at home and abroad, sharing a better life.


  • used in the warehouse

    used in the warehouse

     You already are seeking ways to enhance productivity in your warehouse. Strip door curtains can be used not only produc...

  • pvc strip curtain For daily use

    pvc strip curtain For daily use

    Energy Cost SavingsEvery area of your facility may require different levels of heating and cooling.For example, you may ...